Businessman donates 20 beds to Police Force

Canada-based Guyanese businessman Mr. Pramchand Punwasi, who is the owner of Canadian Surplus (Guyana),  today presented 20 beds complete with mattresses to the Guyana Police Force to assist with the comfortable accommodation of ranks at stations.
The donation was made at a simple ceremony at the Police Officers’ Mess Annexe, Eve Leary.
 According to a statement from Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Ivelaw Whittaker, Mr. Punwasi said it was a pleasure for him to make the donation as it was only fitting for him to contribute to his country, and he felt that the Guyana Police Force would be one of the best places to start in view of its responsibility in maintaining public safety and security.
 Assistant Commissioner ‘Operations’ Mr. Christopher Griffith, who accepted the articles on behalf of the Police Force and in the presence of other Senior Officers, expressed sincere gratitude to the donor for what he termed a “timely gesture” which will do well for the improvement of the welfare of members of the Force.
donation of beds


In photograph, Assistant Commissioner Mr. Christopher Griffith is seen receiving part of the donation from Mr. Pramchand Punwasi, while other Senior Police Officers look on appreciatively 


  1. This individual is protecting his future investments in guyana,Support the local vigilantes

  2. It’s indeed very nice donating the beds for police to be rested n comfortable. This makes me giggle, whilst the robberies are happening the police officers are fast asleep. Isn’t this funny?

  3. Omg this is a wonderful gift. Is tine we treat the people who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect us all.


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