Bartica miner chopped, robbed during attack by armed men


A 42-year-old miner was chopped to the his body and robbed of a quantity of raw gold by two armed men last Sunday at a mining camp in Mazaruni.

robberyAccording to a police statement, on Sunday, April 24, 2016, miner Neil Jordan, of Bartica, Essequibo, was at a mining camp at Farback Backdam, Mazaruni, when he was held up by two men armed with a firearm and a cutlass.

During the incident, the miner was chopped to his body by the men who took away a quantity of raw gold and escaped.

Police responded to the report and managed to intercept the two perpetrators on Monday, in the Mazaruni area. An unlicensed 9mm pistol with 7 rounds and a cutlass were recovered by the police.

The two men are in police custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. Bartica miner chopped, robbed during attack by armed men
    They chopping they robbing they raping they murdering because there is a likely possibility our installed puppet el prezidente will pardon them.


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