Businessman charged with discharging loaded firearm towards woman

Randolph Williams. [iNews' Photo]

Randolph Williams. [iNews' Photo]
Randolph Williams. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Twenty – six – year old Randolph Williams of Lot 214 Half Mile, Wismar, Linden appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan, charged with discharging a loaded firearm towards a woman in the presence of others.

It is alleged that on October 25, 2015 at Omai Backdam, Essequibo River with intent to main, disfigure, or disable, he discharged the weapon towards Natasha Hudson.

The father of two is also accused unlawfully and maliciously assaulting Dianne Edwards on the same day. The man, who operates a shop in the interior, pleaded not guilty to both offenses.

The Lawyer told the court that on the day in question, Williams confronted Hudson about money she owed him.

During the course of the confrontation, a scuffle ensued between the two and that his client was shot in the leg with a gun, which was reportedly carried by Hudson.

As such he asked for reasonable bail for his client; however, the Prosecution objected to bail, explaining to the court that Williams assaulted Edwards, who had intervened in the scuffle.

The Prosecution revealed that the accused did not display any visible injuries after the scuffle and that he received the gunshot wound to his leg by a man called “Gaza” after he had left the scene.

Bail was nevertheless granted in the sum of $230,000 and the accused is scheduled to reappear in court on January 19 in Mahdia.



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