Businessman calls on Top Cop to investigate slanderous social media post

Acting Top Cop, Clifton Hicken

Owner of one of Guyana’s gold companies, El Dorado Trading, Tamesh Jagmohan has requested a full investigation in the matter regarding a defamatory social media post launched against him by “Guyana Uncut”.

Through his Attorneys-at-Law of Dexter Todd and Associates law firm, Jagmohan has written to the Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken, requesting the probe.

It was alleged that the video was published by “Guyana Uncut” on the social media platform Facebook, dated June 1, 2022, with the caption “Guyana Uncut Documentary: The PPP Oligarchy. Tamesh Jagmohan, Watch!”

The publication saw over 44,000 views with 695 reactions, a host of comments and hundreds of shares from its viewers.

A statement from the law firm outlines that the post “accuses our client of numerous allegations such as money laundering, election manipulation, smuggling of gold, damage to property, and bribery, among other allegations”.

It added, “The publication has caused severe stress to our client and our client cannot allow this attempt to assassinate his character to go unnoticed. It has also placed his businesses and family’s life in jeopardy”.

Jagmohan has contended that the allegations and accusations made in the publication are made not only against his client but also against the Government of Guyana.

Specific references were made to Vice President Bharat Jagdeo; Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn; and the United States Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch.

“The publication contained many malicious, vexatious, and untruthful statements which have caused great harm to not only our client’s reputation but to the other parties, who have since been notified of the publication. It was the publisher’s intention for the viewers to infer that the Government of Guyana is colluding and conspiring with our client in a criminal enterprise which has no truth,” the law firm added on behalf of its client.

This matter was reported to the Cyber Crime Unit at the Brickdam Police Station, as well as a follow-up to ensure that the matter is treated with the highest level of seriousness.

Jagmohan has categorically denied all of the allegations of criminal, unethical, and improper conduct contained in the said posting.