Bushlot murder: Great-niece confesses to plotting robbery, leaving door open for killer

Sumintra Sawh

The 37-year-old great-niece of Sumintra Sawh has confessed to plotting to rob the 85-year-old woman on her birthday.

This publication understands that the housewife, who was taken into custody as Police commenced their investigations into the robbery and murder of the Bushlot, West Coast Berbice pensioner, has detailed in her confession, the plan to rob her aunt and the identity of the killer.

On Monday, Sawh was found lying motionlessly in a pool of blood on her bed after her home was invaded. Police said the woman’s 37-year-old great-niece claimed that she was awakened by a male who was in her room and who had a knife to her throat, demanding money. She had also claimed that she was pulled out of her bedroom and saw a second stranger in the house. She also told Police that she was placed in a chair and bound to it with a piece of ‘sling’.

However, under intense interrogation, the woman broke down and confessed to being part of the plan to rob her aunt of cash she had in the house.

In her confession, the woman admitted that she was never tied up but in fact she had left a door open for her aunt’s neighbour to enter the house to carry out the robbery. She said she showed him the bag which contained some $350,000 and documents, and the neighbour went into the bedroom and started beating the woman with an object. In fact, she admitted to witnessing the man killing her aunt. She said in her confession statement that the killer is a 48-year-old neighbour who would normally visit the home.

When contacted, Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Kurleigh Simon said he would neither deny nor say that there was a confession statement from a relative of the dead woman.

He said that the Police still have one suspect in custody and the investigations have gone a “very far way” and before the end of the week Police will be seeking legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Police have since launched a hunt for the neighbour.