Bus terminal feasibility study ongoing- City Engineer


By Ramona Luthi

In a collaborative effort between the Mayor and City Council and the Ministry of Infrastructure, a feasibility study is presently ongoing to facilitate bus terminals in the city.

This is according to City Engineer, Colvern Venture earlier today at the last Traffic Department press conference for the year.

“There is currently a study that is being ongoing in Georgetown, which is the hub at the moment, to look at transportation in terms of creating bus terminals in various sections of the city,” he said.

Venture noted that this study is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The City Engineer who is also attached to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure asserted that the implementation of the bus terminals will further assist the controversial parking meter project in easing congestion within the city.

According to Venture, the study is expected to conclude in March of 2017, after which, there will be “some amount of implementation” in the city.

“There is some that will have to be taken to the level of Cabinet to deal with implementation of some major recommendations that will be coming out from those studies,” he stated.

The City Engineer however, could not disclose the cost to have the bus terminals implemented, as he reiterated that the “study is still ongoing” and the information was presently not available to him.

During May of this year, Town Clerk of Georgetown had disclosed that plans were afoot to implement mechanisms to ease traffic congestion in the city via a “shuttle system.”

At the time of this interview, King had removed buses from their regular parking places around the Stabroek Market Square. He had indicated that in the midst of reorganizing the transport system, there was hope for the existence of terminals at the outer parts of the city.

“Part of the discussion some time ago, when we were looking at reorganizing our transport system, was looking at having terminals on the outskirts of the city and using shuttles or other buses to bring people in and take them out,” he had said.

King had added that this would create a permanent solution towards the congestion within the city, by preventing the need to park in Georgetown. He however could not specify when and where the terminals will be situated as the idea was still being discussed.

“Just to give you an idea, for example, if buses coming down from Diamond, Grove… we can have a terminal at Industrial Site. That’s where they will park. Then you take something (shuttle or another bus) from Industrial Site that would bring you into town to do your shopping, while it takes others out. There will be no parking really, around there (Stabroek Market area),” the Town Clerk had stated.

He had also highlighted that there was no intention to increase transportation expenses for individuals through this ‘shuttle system’ enforcement.

Additionally, King had recommended persons use bicycles within the city, instead of their vehicles as this would serve to reduce the high level of vehicular congestion.

King had stated that the M&CC had discussed the possibility of renting cycles to persons to traverse the city, after the ‘shuttle system’ has been enforced.



  1. Not a clue to reality. Step one is employiny a reputable public, transportation expert. Step two is full consultation with all stakeholders, no matter how contentious this may be.Three , cost of Project.Publication of project, with a fair period for any further objections.Four, consideration and possible discussions on the objections,
    . Implementation or not of the Project.


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