‘Brutalised’ teacher succumbs to her injuries


The 22-year-old woman who was the reported victim of a brutal beating over the weekend and was said to be in an “unresponsive” state at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation has now succumbed to her injuries.

Dead is Kescia Branche, a mother of one and a teacher attached to the Richard Ishmael Secondary School. Branche resided in Cummings Lodge, Georgetown.

Dead: Kescia Branche suffered a broken left leg and multiple head injuries

The mother of one was last seen by family members on Saturday evening, when she left for a night out with her friends.

Her relatives had told the media that they received a phone call on Sunday morning informing them that the young teacher was unconscious at the city hospital.

The young woman was reportedly found in a battered and unconscious state in the vicinity of Princes Street and Louisa Row, Georgetown earlier that morning.

Police investigations revealed that Branche was seen entering and exiting a Newtown, Kitty, Georgetown nightclub.

Other sources indicated that investigators took statements from family members and the friends who were with Branche in the moments prior to her attack. It was reported that she was in the company of a male.

According to Police “A” Division Commander, Marlon Chapman, two individuals were taken into custody.

This publication was subsequently informed that two uniformed Police officers were seen with the woman at the said nightclub hours before she was found battered.

Moreover, this publication was also informed that a third suspect is being hunted in connection of the teacher’s death.

Before dying Branche remained unresponsive and was on life support at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Her father, Alfred Branche noted that family members were banding together in ‘hopes and prayers’ that his daughter’s situation would improve.

Branche’s twin sister was reportedly at her bedside at the time of her passing.

Commander Chapman has since urged anyone with information, as to what transpired leading up to Branche’s attack, to come forward.

 “It was a young woman and she didn’t deserve to be brutalised like that, so we are appealing to members of the public to come forward with any information they have,” he stressed. (Ramona Luthi)


  1. Very, very sad indeed. condolences to the family, relatives and friends. It is indeed brutal. Hope the culprits are found and justice prevails.


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