Brazilian company set for soya, corn cultivation in Guyana…on 10,000 acres of land


Guyana’s efforts to diversify its agricultural sector are set to receive a major boost from a Brazilian company, New Frontier Agriculture Guyana Incorporated. The company is prepared to cultivate its first crops of soya and corn on a model farm in the country’s intermediate savannahs in a matter of days, GINA said today.

cornNew Frontier Agriculture Guyana Inc. has successfully conducted trial of the commodities on 25 acres of land owned by the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI).

The company is currently working to develop the approximately 10,000 acres of land in the intermediate savannahs in Ebini in the Berbice River. This farm will be used as a model demonstration station for development of the entire savannahs. Improved pastures for cattle, sheep, goats and horses are also planned.

GINA said the government is currently pursuing development of the intermediate savannahs for the introduction of new crops and livestock.






  1. Yes to investment, yes to jobs and yes to development, but for heavens sake, please export all by products of corn and soy!! They are bad for our health! Very very bad. Spread to word!


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