Bourda market fruit vendors oppose order to remove ‘umbrellas’ from stalls

Fruit vendors who ply their trade at Bourda and Robb Street in Georgetown  are up in arms with the Revenue Office of the Market after being instructed to remove umbrellas from their stalls.
This, they claim, is an unconscionable order since their goods are perishable ones and can quickly spoil under the scorching heat of the sun.
When INews visited the area today most of the goods were covered with cardboard to protect them from the sun and they were not easily recognizable to passersby.  “It is unfair. How can you sell in the market,” vendor Mrs Keron White lamented.
White who vends at that location for the past 30 years sell perishable items such as Passion Fruit, Guava, Five-Finger, etc. The vendor said she first learnt of the instruction Wednesday morning and sought an audience with the Town Clerk Mr. Royston King but was unsuccessful. However, she was able to speak to the head of the revenue office Mr. Lovell who had given them the “go ahead” to use the Umbrellas. “This morning when we put up the umbrellas they tell we put down the umbrella or they would seize them,” said a visibly frustrated Mrs. White.
She said the instruction came from one Mrs. Pinkie (only name given) and no reason was given as to why this ruling was given.
“If I cover the load you can’t sell, you can’t get to pay people, and you can’t leave the load in the sun fa bun up,” a frustrated Mrs. White complained in the popular local dialect.
Efforts made, so far, to contact the Revenue Officer in charge on the matter proved futile. The vendors are calling on the authorities to rescind the order and have them use the umbrellas to help preserve their goods.
INews photographer Carl Croker captured the following photos at the Bourda market this morning. Vendors and their fruits can be seen without ‘shelter’ from the sun – following the order for vendors to remove their umbrellas.
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  1. What’s the reason for pulling down the umbrellas? This seems very silly, trying to make itmore difficult for people to survive, the criminals gonna have more rights than law-abiding citizens, the administration doesn’t know what to do…. Don’t understand what danger the umbrellas causing….should reconsider.

  2. well dem getting a dose ah dem own medicine ah who a run things now–nah Jagdeo is dem messiah dem should go protest in front he house–afterall dem a same kind.WHAT a shame you are not allowed to make an honest living now a days-


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