Bond declares war against Granger, slams his “ineffective, mediocre” leadership

L-R: James Bond and David Granger

Visibly upset about certain members, including himself, being excluded from the new batch of APNU parliamentarians, PNC/R Member James Bond took to social media to declare war against the party’s leader David Granger, labelling his leadership as “ineffective” and “mediocre”.

Bond, an attorney by profession, went further to blame Granger’s leadership for making the party lose the March 2 General and Regional Elections as he threatened to rewrite the former president’s legacy.

“I want you to know I am coming for you…David Arthur Granger, you are not my friend; Amna Ally, you are not my friend, so whenever you see me, know you are not looking at a comrade,” Bond asserted.

He added that “your leadership cost us an election…the reason we are in opposition is because of your leadership.”

Bond specifically blasted the party for snubbing PNC Chairwoman Volda Lawrence, who is widely seen as a powerhouse in the party.

“It is grossly disrespectful to the members of the PNCR, the Georgetown District of the PNCR and the Office of the Chairman of the PNCR to snub Lawrence for a seat in the National Assembly,” Bond declared in a Facebook Post.

He added that it is “time to rescue the PNCR from inept, ineffectual and aloof leadership. This is now a battle for the soul of what it means to be PNC. Enough of mediocrity. It is time I personally rewrite your legacy sir.”

In a subsequent live stream, the young politician explained that the disrespect comes from the fact that members had to learn about the party’s selection of Members of Parliament through the media.

He explained his own situation, whereby he would have personally made a request to represent the party in the 12th parliament. However, Bond explained that he never received a response, not even to explain why he was not picked.

“That was the first disrespect,” Bond contended, arguing that “the APNU/AFC need me more than I need the APNU/AFC.”

He further expressed “I don’t know what their endgame is”, highlighting that he has a lot of influence in the party and therefore, cannot understand why he was overlooked for a parliamentary post.

Apart from himself being snubbed, Bond elaborated on the rejection of Lawrence as a parliamentarian, explaining that the entire PNC is “livid” about this decision.

Against this backdrop, Bond warned the PNC/R that they can expect outrage as he called on other disgruntled members to mobilise and challenge the current leadership.

According to media reports, a lot of prominent PNC/APNU members will not be making a return to parliament.

These include Amna Ally, Simona Broomes, Basil Williams, and Aubrey Norton. Granger himself will also not be making a return.

However, former Minister of State Joseph Harmon, former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Karen Cummings and former Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan will be making a return. Former Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson and former Minister of Natural Resource Raphael Trotman are also slated to return.

Some new faces include General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), Coretta McDonald, former Magistrate Geeta Chandon-Edmonds; former Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan; Juretha Fernandes and Devin Sears.

In addition, reports indicate that Attorney-at-Law and Senior Counsel, Roysdale Forde, has been included.