Body of Annandale pensioner found with head injuries in yard


The body of a pensioner was on Monday night discovered in his yard with head injuries in what is suspected to be a robbery.

Dead is 72-year-old, Krishnachand Dabee of lot 149 Annandale South, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The man’s body was discovered at around 19:00h.

Enquiries disclosed that Dabee’s daughter, identified as Ramona Dabee, 40, a lecturer of University of Guyana, was trying to make contact with him via telephone but the calls went unanswered.

The daughter reportedly went to the Vigilance police station and made a report and a party of policemen responded and went to the above mentioned address and found the decease lying in his yard face up with injuries to his right eye and to the back of his head.

Robbery is suspected as a room in the man’s home was found ransacked.

According to the police, Dabee’s body was taken to the Lyken Funeral Home, where it is awaiting a post-mortem examination, as investigations continue.


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