Bodies of two T&T schoolboys found in forested area, reports Trinidad Guardian


The Trinidad Guardian is reporting that the two bodies found in a forested area in St Augustine on Tuesday evening were identified  yesterday as teenage schoolboys Stephan Singh and Daniel Halls.

Trinidad schoolboys, Stephan Singh and Marlon Hall were found murdered
Trinidad schoolboys, Stephan Singh and Daniel Halls were found murdered

In a week in which the national conversation was on troublesome students, particularly teenaged boys and their links to school violence and gangs, how the two came to be target of killers yesterday once again drove home just how real a concern it is.

According to police reports, around 4.40 pm Tuesday, residents of St John’s Road heard gunshots and alerted the police. Officers responded and found the bodies of Singh, 17 and Halls, 16. Police said they were told that the teens were seen as part of a group of five entering the bushes and after the shooting, only the two deceased were found. Singh, a student of Trinity East College, had an empty revolver on him.

Police said they had not ruled out the possibility that the other three people who entered the bush with them were suspects but they were still searching the area yesterday for them as possible victims of a crime.

But police said they believed the teens had gone to either purchase drugs or to steal from someone’s marijuana garden when they were ambushed and killed. Police also speculated that the two boys may have been set up to be killed by the other three missing people.

In speaking about her son yesterday, Halls’ mother, Joy, referred to the Old Testament admonition handed down to the Jews by God for children to obey their parents lest their lives be shortened. (Excerpts taken from Trinidad Guardian)




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