BK International says it is not to be blamed for GT&T’s damaged cables



BK 2[www.inewsguyana.com] – BK International says it will not accept responsibility for any damaged GT&T cables on the new carriageway of the East Bank Four- Lane Extension Project (the area between the Diamond Intersection and the Diamond DSL Supermarket) as GT&T had indicated since May, that cables in the section would have been removed.

According to BK International, in a statement issued on May 22, 2014, GT&T stated that “On February 28th 2014, GT&T and the Ministry entered into a contract to relocate aerial cables and associated fixtures to a new pole route and to relocate the buried cables. The release had further indicated that the company was scheduled “to commence works during the week of May 25th 2014.”

“GT&T also stated that it received payment on May 20, 2014, for the relocation of all telephone cables and poles that will affect the progress of works in this area.”

According to the statement issued, BK International crews were working on the new carriageway on Wednesday when an old GT&T pole collapsed causing disruption in telephone service to several customers.

“Wednesday’s planting of a new pole in the center of the carriageway by GT&T has halted the project in the area and bridge works cannot proceed since access from the northern side is now blocked.”



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