Better Hope Businesswoman robbed, beaten by gunmen


Crime scene[] – The police are investigating the armed robbery of a 36 – year – old businesswoman of Lot 88 Pulwari Street, Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, which occurred at 00:45 hrs on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

According to a police statement, three men, two of who were armed with handguns, robbed and injured Novaha Boodhoo as she was about to enter her yard in her motor car, PLL4164.

iNews understands that the woman was confronted by the men, who relieved her of $100,000 and 3 cell phones. According to the police, the men then attempted to steal her vehicle, but the businesswoman threw away the car keys and made an alarm.

At this time, one of the gunmen then struck the victim several times about her head and face with the firearm after which they made good their escape.

No arrest was made and the investigations are in progress.


  1. That, s just a small offence according to granger.They don,t deserve to be locked away.such a pattern shall continue to grow.


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