Best suspends campaign activities to allow fair investigation

Gary Best

In light of the February 8, 2020 accident which claimed that life of national cyclist, Jude Bentley, the driver of the motor vehicle, Rear Admiral Gary Best has suspected all campaign activities.

Best in a release to the media stated that this will also allow the investigations to proceed fairly, professionally and without hints of interference.

Former CoS (ret’d) Rear Admiral Gary Best

“Once again, to the family of Jude Bentley, my heart pains me for your loss, which I deeply regret and wish you can find strength in the Lord at this most difficult time. I will continue to uplift you all up in my prayers,” Best stated.

It was reported that the accident occurred in the vicinity of the Russian Embassy, Kitty, Georgetown.

Reports indicate that Bentley and Best were heading east along the Rupert Craig Highway. However, it was reported the Best attempted to avoid hitting Bentley and struck a utility pole but still managed to hit the cyclist and dragged him several feet away from the point of impact.

Dead, Jude Bentley

The cyclist was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital.At that time, Bentley was reportedly proceeding to Sheriff Street to meet a group of cyclists.