Berbice River family accuses police of breaking into homes

The house was ransacked
The house was ransacked

A Berbice River family has accused police ranks of breaking into their homes and carting off with over ten million dollars in cash along with a quantity of jewellery, outboard engines and other valuables.

The incident reportedly took place at Wuruni, Berbice River, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice), on Saturday.

Based on information received, the houses are owned by five sibling and at the time, no one was at home.

One of their six houses was ransacked in the presence of a young lady.

Carline Osborn told this publication that she was informed that over 30 officers arrived in the community in two boats and carried out the attack.

She explained that some family members were at her father’s birthday celebration.

The boat that was allegedly used by the perpetrators

“When we came back, to our surprise all of the doors were kicked opened some windows burst open, the locks on the wardrobe were wrenched off, all the chairs were turned over and we even found a puzzling cup on the bed that was ripped open. All the gold that my nephews, nieces and sisters-in-law had, were gone,” the woman said as she described the shocking scene.

She noted that her sister-in-law did not remove all of her daily revenue from the shop but as she checked, only a few $20 and $50 notes were found.

“There are five houses nearby and they went into all of the houses. They climb through the window to go into my brother’s house because they couldn’t open the locks so they go through the louvres and then opened the door and they empty a barrel that my aunt sent for my sister-in-law, all of the drawers in the kitchen were pulled out and they throw everything down from all of the shelves.”

Osborn related that on Sunday she checked to see if the matter would have been reported on the Guyana Police Force’s Facebook page but surprisingly, nothing was there.

“They did not post anything. They normally post things when they find things where they go. Nothing was posted today (Sunday).”

As a result, family members started their own investigation and received information that the persons who carried out the operation were off-duty police ranks.

“When we call, we were told that they don’t know about that. They also carried away three boat engines; one is a brand new engine and two others that my brother’s wife had purchased. We have receipts to show for these things. They carry away the three engines, a mattress and a generator.”

According to Osborne, her brothers are gold miners and it was only a few days prior to the robbery, they sent out monies to their families.

“Two of my sisters-in-law have small businesses. They took all of their money. Jewellery belonging to 13 adults and six children were all stolen… It is a lot of gold because each of the children, they have rings and they have bands and they have chains.”
According to the woman, sheets, blankets and other stuff were also removed.

Up to press time, the police did not send out any release about the incident although the matter was reported.