Berbice pensioner found dead with gunshot wound

Dead: Alimoon Narainedatt

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death a 72-year-old man of Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice – who was found dead in his home.

The man, identified as Alimoon Narainedatt, was found lying on the floor in a pool of blood at around 13:00hrs on Thursday.

He lived with his wife and his 47-year-old daughter. Reports are that as the wife was heading upstairs, she heard a loud explosion, and upon entering the building she found her husband lying in the doorway in a crouching position.

An alarm was raised and the police were summoned. Ranks responded and observed the man’s licenced semi-automatic single-barrel shotgun under his hand.

On Monday, Narainedatt reportedly visited a doctor for his usual checkup and he was told that he has cancer which is at an advanced stage and cannot be cured.

The 70-year-old widow told this publication that on numerous occasions, her husband hinted that he was going to end his life, but she has always talked him out of it.

“I left to go out and I did not know that he had that in his intention,” she expressed.

The couple was married in 1965 and has eight children together.

Meanwhile, if you or someone you know are having thoughts of committing suicide, you can seek help from the Inter-Agency Suicide Prevention Helpline through the following means:

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