Berbice businessman on $1M bail for causing teen’s death


 …arrested 3 months after  hit-and-run accident

By Andrew Carmichael

Police ranks in Berbice have been able to locate the car which was involved in a hit-and-run accident at Number 55 Village Corentyne back in September and have also arrested the driver.
Reports are that police got the breakthrough with the aid of a close relative of the suspect.

It was the man’s son-in-law who reportedly provided the information to the police almost three months after the accident which killed 19-year-old Trishan Sahai also called ‘Star’, of Number 57 Village Corentyne and injured his 28-year-old friend Mooneshwar Jairam also called ‘Bodo’, of the same village.

Reports are that after the driver’s daughter and her husband encountered some marital problems, he told the police that it was his father-in-law who was involved in the September 17 hit-and-run accident at Number 55 Village in front of a bar.
One of the persons’ police immediately arrested was the man’s wife, Roshnie Iyube, in whose name the car is registered.

The woman said that she had no knowledge that her car was involved in a hit-and-run accident. According to her, she was led to believe that her husband had hit an animal and it was not until six weeks after that the car was fixed. During that time it remained in the garage. The woman told INews that, last Friday evening, a party of police officers visited their bath settlement home.

“When I come out they ask me who is my husband and I told them Sultan lyube and they say that is not the name they have for him and then they ask for my name and after I give them they told my husband that he is under arrest for some accident and then they told me that I am under arrest too,” the woman said.

They were initially taken to the Fort Wellington Police Station and then to Central Police Station in New Amsterdam. The suspected hit-and-run driver was eventually detained at Reliance while his wife went to Sisters Village. During the investigation, the suspect took investigators to the scene and pointed out where it was that he hit the two men.

The car allegedly involved in the hit and run accident in September

He also told investigators that he thought it was an animal but related that in his rear view mirror he could see persons rushing to where the object was that he had hit.

According to Roshnie lyube, when her husband arrived home on the night in question, he told her that he had damaged the car after hitting something on the road. “When I look I see the headlamp break on the left side and the rearview mirror on the left side break and the bumper have a little scratch and I told him once there is life we can always fix that,” the woman said.

Back in September, a motor car with an unknown registration plate was proceeding north along the Corentyne Highway at a fast rate of speed and struck down Sahai and Jairam who were walking across the Highway at Number Naught Village.

Dead, Trishan Sahai also called ‘Star’

Sahai was pitched some 30 feet away from impact while Jairam landed on top of a motor car breaking the windscreen and rear view mirror in the process. The car was parked at the time. However, the speeding car did not stop. Both men were taken to the Skeldon Hospital where Sahai was pronounced dead while Jairam was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital. lyube says following the accident her husband was unusually quiet for several days. The damaged car was fixed six weeks after the accident. During that period it remained parked in the garage.

Meanwhile, the dead man’s stepfather Haroon Hamid says he is happy that the police have been able to crack the case.

“When we get that news we felt a little relieved to know that after a while the police were still trying and now they get to apprehend him. We must give thanks and compliment the police for doing such a wonderful job. We hope that justice will prevail,” he said.

Meanwhile, mother of 28-year-old Mooneshwar Jairam who was injured in the accident expressed gratitude saying she had given up hope.

On to now he is not well as he was before. He still cries out for his head and his shoulder that is paining up to now,” she said.

Sultan Iyube, 48, of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice appear at the Number 51 Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga to answer four charges.

The West Coast Berbice businessman was placed on $1M bail and ordered to lodge his travel documents after he was slapped with four charges, including causing death by dangerous driving.

Iyube was not required to plead to causing the death of Tristan Sahai on September 17. He was also charged with failing to stop following an accident, failing to render assistance and failing to report an accident on the same day.

Bail was granted in the sum of $1M. He will have to return to court on December 27.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to a technical glitch we had inadvertently posted the wrong photo of Sultan Iyube. We immediately deleted the photo as soon as it was noticed and offer our sincere apologies for the error.  


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