Be motivated by what Phagwah signifies – PPP


See below for a message from PPP on the occasion of Phagwah 2021:

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to extend greetings to all Guyanese, especially our brothers and sisters of the Hindu communities, here and in the Diaspora on the occasion of Phagwah or Holi.

This joyous occasion has become a truly national festival that Guyanese from all spheres of society look forward to and participate in. Like our other national observances, Phagwah encourages the coming together of our people in the various events that are associated with it. Heralding the season of spring, the kaleidoscope of colours epitomizes our nation’s rich diversity, in a demonstration of a vibrant fusion.

Unfortunately, the usual vibrant celebrations across our dear land will be curtailed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Party urges that all necessary precautions are taken, including wearing of masks, social distancing and compliance with guidelines issued by the COVID-19 Task Force. This is of utmost importance, even as the COVID vaccination programme is being rolled out across the country.

Further, the People’s Progressive Party urges that we be inspired by the significance of Phagwah, through its pertinent messages which speaks to, in general, the triumph of good over evil. This message becomes even more relevant on reflection of how our country and people navigated and overcame the various challenges faced within the past year.

Let us be motivated by what this colourful festival signifies and be emboldened in hope that, through resoluteness in the face of adversity and despondency, the messages of Phagwah speaks to truth inevitably prevailing.

As Guyanese mark the occasion, our Party once again extends best wishes and urges caution, tolerance and respect in the celebrations.

Shubh Holi to all!