Bandits invade Bagotstown home, assault, rob 6 persons


theft-crimeAt approximately 22:50hrs last night, a Water Street, Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara home was invaded by gunmen who assaulted and robbed six persons, five of whom were visiting at the time, of an undisclosed sum of cash and valuables, before fleeing the scene.

According to one of the victims Carlos Montplaisir, the home that was robbed belonged to his neighbour. He told Inews that a group of six persons gathered in the home for a “lime” and everyone was playing cards and consuming alcohol.

Montplaisir related that the owner of the home left to use his outdoor washroom, and so the front door was left unlocked. However, two gunmen, one of whom had his lower face covered by a handkerchief, entered the yard and began to assault the man as he was outside.

Inews understands that shortly after, one of the gunmen went into the home where the five other men were and pointed the gun at them, while demanding that they place all their valuables on the table and lie on the floor.

“We thought it was a joke until the man crank he gun. Then he tell we put everything in we pocket on the table and lie down. He seh if he find anything in we pocket, he gon shoot us,” Carlos Monplaisir relayed.

After obeying the bandit, the other gunman, joined them with the owner of the house in his clutches.

Montplaisir recalled that because the man was inebriated, he refused to turn over his valuables to the gunmen and continued to argue with them. This resulted in him being “gun butted” by one of the bandits.

The two men then proceeded to search the owner of the house, before leaving the home and locking the front door from the outside.

Inews was told, that after 15 minutes, the occupants of the home rose from the floor and one person jumped out the back window of the house in order to unlock the front door.

The six men subsequently made a report at the Providence Police station and an investigation has been launched. (Ramona Luthi)




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