Bandit in Grove supermarket robbery jailed for 7 years


One of the three bandits who were nabbed in the brazen robbery committed on a supermarket at Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was sentenced to seven years in prison after he appeared in the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

Ryan Bannister, 27, of Herstelling Seadam, East Bank Demerara pleaded guilty to charges of robbery under arms and possession of an illegal firearm when it was read to his by Magistrate Sunil Scarce.

The other two men Gerald DaSilva, 45, and Ron Simons, 33 pleaded not guilty to the said charges and were remanded to prison until August 14, 2018.

It is alleged that the three men – one of whom was armed with a handgun – stealthily entered the “Number One Supermarket” at about 04:30h on Wednesday last.

The men pounced on the lone security guard and bounded his hands with his shoe lace. The bandits then proceeded to the third floor of the building, removed the grill from a window and entered the building.

As the bandits were all inside of the supermarket, the 53-year-old security guard, managed to free himself and immediately alerted neighbors who summoned the Police.

Prompt response from the lawmen resulted in the bandits being caught in the act.

A family member related that he was asleep and unaware of what was happening and only learnt of what had transpired when a Police Officer went into the upper flat and alerted him.

The CCTV footage was also reviewed, which showed the men entering the premises.

When the men were nabbed they had $70,000 in prepaid phone cards and an undisclosed sum of cash in their possession.

Meanwhile a .38 revolver with six live matching rounds was also found.

An employee of the business told this publication that the supermarket was only opened about five weeks ago.


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