Bakewell customer finds rat faeces in bread

The bread with the rat faeces.
The bread with the rat faeces.

A resident of Grove, East Banks Demerara is furious after the bread she bought from Bakewell contained rat faeces.

Melanie Pierre says when she saw the faeces in the bread; she immediately contacted the person whom she bought it from.

However, she said it was not the shop owners fault since the bread had no signs of rat bites and as such she is convinced that it was baked into the bread. Bread

The woman stated that she made contact with Management of Bakewell, who had her on a royal run around and she is yet to receive a response.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Sales Manager of Bakewell, Prem Hansraj noted that they have not received any complaint.

He also stated that management finds this incident very strange and there is a possibility that the accusation was fabricated.

Hansraj is urging the complainant to make contact with management. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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