Current weather expected to last for another 2 hours – Hydromet Office


20130827_144318[1]The current weather conditions being experience are expected to continue for the next two hours across mainly coastal and inland areas.

According to the Hydromet Officer, a a gradual improvement can be expected later this evening.

“The remainder of the evening across coastal areas it will remain mainly cloudy, some areas may be overcast at times. Brief light showers may be expected over areas of Regions 2 to 4. The remainder of Guyana is expected to be mostly fair. Rainfall is likely to range between 0 to 20 mm. Highest over Regions 3 and 4,” the Hydromet office stated in a press release.

Wednesday and Thursday, partly cloudy and sunny skies are expected across Guyana with brief cloudy periods and isolated thundershowers over coastal areas.

Friday, mainly cloudy skies are expected with occasional light to moderate showers across all regions. Some areas are likely to experience isolated outburst of thunder. Sunny skies are expected throughout Guyana for the remainder of this period.

Rainfall values are expected between 0.0 to 5.0 mm within 24 hours period. Friday values are likely between 0.0 mm to 30.0mm.



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