Auditor General urged to investigate promotion of driver for Region 5 REO

Region 5 Regional Executive officer (REO) Ovid Morrison

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Monday probed the questionable circumstances under which the driver of the Region 5 Regional Executive officer (REO) was being provided with housing – paid for at the Region’s expense- among other privileges.

Region 5 Regional Executive officer (REO) Ovid Morrison

REO Ovid Morrison, was brought before the PAC to account for the treatment of his driver, Frank Wilson.

It was reported that in addition to being provided with housing facilities, Wilson was recently promoted to the position of a “Transport Officer”- a position which was not advertised despite instructions from the Ministry of the Presidency’s Public Service department for this to be done.

Prior to his elevation, Wilson was performing the functions of transport officer, including signing off and certifying payments for maintenance work done on vehicles.

He had also been functioning as a Requisition officer for fuel and spares since 2016.

Seeking to defend himself, Morrison claimed that approval was actually granted for the position to be created and the individual was recommended due to his experience.

As such, Chairman of the PAC, Irfaan Ali pointed to a number of infractions recorded by the Auditor General, including instances where a driver was cited signing off on payments for fuel for himself.

However, Morrison denied that the officer ever requisitioned fuel for his own vehicle.

It was subsequently revealed that there was a letter attesting to the driver commencing official duty as transport officer.

Ali upbraided both Morrison and the chief accountant for the region on holding back this information.

When questioned as to whether an internal posting of the vacancy was done, Morrison responded in the negative.

As such, Ali urged Auditor General Deodat Sharma, who was present at the sitting, to look into the matter.



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