Army reservist arrested for assaulting cops


Ranks of the Guyana Police Force have arrested a male reservist of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) after he assaulted a group of policemen.

Reports are that the incident occurred at about 18:15h on Friday at the Pouderoyen Tarmac, West Bank Demerara.

However, on Saturday Police said that a party of GPF ranks were on mobile patrol and went to the Pouderoyen Tarmac where the suspect started to verbally abuse the ranks with expletives.

He was reportedly warned about his conduct and to desist from such behaviour but he continued in a loud tone of voice, causing a large gathering.

As a rank attempted to arrest him, the army reservist began to physically assault one of the cops. This resulted in a sergeant and other ranks who were also there rendering assistance. They were also assaulted.

The perpetrator was eventually subdued by the team, arrested and taken to Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station where he was placed into custody pending charges.

The injured policemen were seen and examined by a doctor at West Demerara Regional Hospital where medical certificates were obtained.

This is the second incident that has occurred recently where a GDF rank has assaulted Police Officers.

In another incident, a Lance Corporal of GDF’s Coast Guard unit was arrested after he assaulted a rank of the Guyana Police Force.

At the time of the incident a Constable observed a dark grey motor car trying to change lane in the vicinity of the Harbour Bridge, and in the process, caused congestion of traffic.

As a result, the Police approached the driver of the car and realised that it was a GDF rank.

The officer told his superiors that he told the GDF rank of the offence committed, and then instructed him to go in the corner of the road. However, the Lance Corporal became annoyed, exited the vehicle, and shoved the Constable.

He was later arrested and charged.