Armed duo rob Automotive Arts close to $1M in ‘change money’

Automotive Arts Croal Street branch

Two employees attached to Automotive Arts on Croal Street, Georgetown were left in a state of trauma on Wednesday after they were robbed by two armed gunmen of a bag containing less the $1 million in company money.

Inews was informed that the two employees had just returned form a bank with the cash and as they exited their vehicle in front of the business premises a black car pulled up alongside them, stopped and a gunman immediately exited the vehicle and took the bag that contained the money.

The gunman then reportedly discharged a round into the air and hurriedly entered the waiting motor car, which then fled the scene. By this time, several persons from within the building rushed out.

The police were subsequently summoned.

An official of the paint company told media operatives that two workers went to the bank to collect “change money” and confirmed that it was less than $1 million.

Inews was reliably informed that up to late Wednesday, the police were reviewing the surveillance footage captured by the business place and it was ascertained that the armed man who exited the getaway car to steal the bag was not wearing a mask.

The police would likely check their database to see if his photo would turn up as a match.

The manager of the company was happy no one was hurt during the robbery, but related that the two employees were traumatized.


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