Armed bicycle bandits rob bus driver at Ogle Seawall


Two bandits on bicycles, one of whom was armed with a knife, robbed a mini-bus driver at the Ogle Seawall, East Coast Demerara, on Saturday night.

According to police reports, Garsran Ramdat went to Ogle Seawall in his minibus sometime around 22:30h to pick up his workers, who were returning from sea.

Upon arrival, the victim parked the vehicle facing east, then exited.

At the said time, one of the suspects, who was armed, held the victim at knifepoint and demanded his valuables.

The suspect then searched the victim and relieved him of his Samsung S10 cellular phone, valued $90,000, his bus key and $71,000 cash.

During that time, the second bandit ransacked the vehicle but did not take anything.

The two suspects then made good their escape west on two bicycles.

Investigations are ongoing.