Armed bandits terrorise, rob WCD businesswoman, daughter


A West Coast Demerara (WCD) businesswoman and her daughter were attacked and robbed by four armed masked bandits who invaded their property on Sunday.

The men managed to escape with an undisclosed sum of cash, a quantity of gold jewellery and several pieces of electronic devices.

Based on reports received, the 60-year-old businesswoman of Uitvlugt Estate Road, WCD, and her 23-year-old daughter, a housewife, were alone in the house at the time of the robbery.

On the day in question at about 05:30h, the woman was sweeping her yard when the four masked men confronted and started to choke her. They then dealt several cuffs to the woman’s face.

One of the men was armed with a handgun, another carried a hammer and the two others were armed with knives. The older woman was then dragged into her house by one of the bandits while his accomplices followed.

Upon entry, the suspect armed with the hammer rushed towards the woman’s daughter and held onto her by the neck. He then placed the hammer towards her head and threatened to bash her head if she did not say where the money and jewellery were.

Fearful for her life and that of her daughter, the businesswoman handed over an undisclosed sum of cash and several pieces of jewellery.

The bandits also relieved the businesswoman of her cellular phones – a Samsung A20 and a Samsung A30.

One of the suspects also took the 23-year-old’s Samsung S6 mobile phone and her Amazon Fire 7 Tablet.

The men later made good their escape on foot. After the men left, the two women raised an alarm and the police were contacted.

The house was dusted for fingerprints as the police continue their investigations. No arrests have been made.