Armed bandits beat, rob market vendor during home invasion


Armed bandits attacked and robbed a Rose Hall Market fish vendor after breaking into Sathrohanhis home.
According to reports, at about 05:00hrs on Saturday morning as Ceenarine Satrohan was about to leave home to ply his trade, three men entered; one carrying a gun and the others cutlasses. Satrohan was physically assaulted and robbed by the bandits who escaped with $140,000 in jewellery and $60,000 in cash. The man was left nursing injuries to his face, head and back.
Satrohan said he opened the door to go outside in the yard to bring in the wheelbarrow to pack the fish, when he was held up by the gun man.

“…he say don’t holler, but when he say that, me start holler hard and then he lash me up in me head and drag me in the house. He tell me he want money and jewellery, by that time the two cutlass man run go upstairs and attack me wife and that was when me hall out the money out a me pocket and give them,” Satrohan recounted in the popular creole dialect.
He said the intruders were not satisfied and beat him hoping to get more valuables. “When the gunman go upstairs where me wife deh, one cutlass one come down and he start fire chop on me. He said that he gone chop out me hand and foot and me beg him not to chop me.”
His wife, Sarita, who was in the upper flat of the house at the time of the invasion, said one of the perpetrators touched her on her private parts with the cutlass.
At the time of the incident, the couple’s three-year-old daughter was asleep. The toddler was unharmed.
Police have since arrested one person as they investigate the incident.

(Guyana Times)


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