Armed bandits attack teen who threw away cellphone instead of giving it to them


Two youths are now traumatised after they were on Monday night beaten and robbed by two armed bandits at Fox Hill Foot, Half Mile, Wismar, Linden, Region Ten.

Police said that two men armed with guns went up to an 18-year-old-student and relieved him of a cellular phone valued $21,000 and assaulted his friend just about 22:00h.

According to information released to the media, the student and his friend were sitting on the street corner when the bandits approached them, whipped out their guns, and demanded that they not move.

The armed bandits then relieved the student of his cellphone. Instead of handing over his phone to the bandits, the friend threw it into a neighbour’s yard. This incensed the bandits who then began beating the youth with their guns.

The men made good their escape on foot. Investigations are ongoing.