Armed bandits attack Lima Sands Grocery Store

The Grocery Store that three armed bandits attacked Saturday night
Nanda and Son Grocery Store was attacked by armed bandits Saturday night

Three armed bandits on Saturday night pounced on a Lima Sands, Essequibo Coast, grocery store however quick thinking by the owner thwarted the robbery.

The incident occurred around 19:30h on Saturday at the Nanda and Son Grocery Store in Lima Sands.

The shop owner, Patrick Mahase, told this publication that his son had just arrived home and he opened the shop door to allow him in. The shop is attached to the house.

However, as he was about to close the door, Mahase noticed a masked man in the yard rushing towards him. Another bandit, armed with a handgun, was already at the shop door while the third man was at the back of the house.

The businessman related that upon seeing the two men he rushed back into the shop and picked up two cutlasses, which he used to “broadside” the walls in order to scare the bandits. He then called out for the neighbours to alert them of what was transpiring.

During this, the bandits managed to break the shop door to gain entry but as neighbours began rushing to the scene, they were forced to abandon the robbery and escape.

A motorcyclist who was in the area at the time give chase after the suspects but had to retreat after he came under fire from the suspects.

The three bandits ran into an abandoned yard and made good their escape.

The matter was reported that the police are investigating the incident.