Armed bandit in white Allion robs woman on her way home


Police are investigating a robbery which occurred on Anira Street, Queenstown, Georgetown on Tuesday evening, which has left a 36-year-old woman traumatised.

Based on information received, at around 19:15hrs Charrissa Rampersaud of Anira Street, Queenstown was proceeding home from work on foot.

INews was told that just as she approached Oronoque Street, she noticed that a white Toyota Allion, bearing licence plates PSS 8175, drove past her and stopped a few feet away.

It was then that a man who described as “tall, skinny and dark [skinned]” exited the vehicle and walked towards Rampersaud, holding a silver pistol in front of him.

At gunpoint, he swiftly grabbed her bag while pushing her onto the road. He then fled in the waiting Toyota Allion.

The victim’s handbag reportedly contained mobile phones and an undisclosed sum of cash, among other valuables.

Rampersaud received minor injuries as a result of the fall.

She subsequently reported the matter to the Alberttown Police Station.




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