APNU+AFC’s MPs saga: Bond decries lack of youths in 11th Parliament

Attorney - at - Law, James Bond

By Fareeza Haniff

Attorney - at - Law and APNU Member, James Bond
Attorney – at – Law and APNU Member, James Bond

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Some former Parliamentarians under A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) have been left out of the list of Parliamentarians submitted by the APNU+AFC coalition for the 11th Parliament, including James Bond and Christopher Jones.

Trevor Williams from the Alliance For Change (AFC) has also been excluded from the list. But Bond does not seem to be taking the ‘rejection’ too lightly. During an interview with iNews on Wednesday, June 03, he expressed his disappointment at the decision but emphasized that he respects the judgment of President David Granger.

According to Bond, he had hoped that there would have been more youths in the 11th Parliament, given the fact that the coalition campaigned on this very issue during the elections period.  

He told iNews that he received a letter of appreciation from President Granger, thanking him “sincerely” for his service in the 10th Parliament. According to Bond, he was told that due to the fact that the APNU and AFC merged, the number of Parliamentarians had to be “trimmed” thus why he was not included in the list.

APNU Member, Christopher Jones.
APNU Member, Christopher Jones.

“I believe personally if the decision were mind to make, there would be more young people but I am not the President and I’ve said it on one or more occasions that I trust the vision of the President and I still trust his vision and judgment,” Bond said.

He also expressed doubt that he will play any role in the APNU+AFC government.

“There will come a time when it is truly young people’s time and thought the older generation will allow young Guyanese when that time comes to participate and function in the upper echelons of State,” Bond said in an earlier post on social media. He made it clear that his views are not borne out of jealousy, pettiness malice, ill will or insubordination.

Meanwhile, Bond has decided to implement a project of rebranding and rebuilding the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) of which he is a member.

Bond also intends to launch project ‘Tiger Bay’, which is aimed at enhancing the community and its people.

Christopher Jones was not immediately available for an interview with iNews about his take on the issue. The coalition identified 33 parliamentarians to sit in the 65-seat National Assembly, which is inclusive of 15 senior ministers and 12 junior ministers.

Some new faces include Dr. Nicolette Henry, Charandass Persaud, Simona Broomes, Noel Holder, Winston Jordan, Dominic Gaskin, Jermaine Figuiera, Michael Carrngton, Audwin Rutherford and John Adams.

The others are: Moses Nagamootoo, Joseph Harmon, Raphael Trotman, Basil Williams, Khemraj Ramjattan, Cathy Hughes, Dr. George Norton,Dr. Karen Cummings, Volda Lawrence, Amna Ally, Ronald Bulkan, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, Valerie Garrido Lowe, Keith Scott, Jaipaul Sharma, Annette Ferguson, Carl Greenidge, Winston Felix, David Patterson, Dawn Hastings, Sydney Allicock, Richard Allen and Jennifer Wade.



  1. agree with you Mr Williams – and everybody cant go to parliament – commit to a relevant cause and develop a following –
    cool it my brotha

  2. Mr. Bond is ready for Parliament. he needs to reaccess himself as an individual, a lawyer and a politician. with experience and decorum in the political fraternity he would be better geared to perform in a unified and muli-etnic society as ours.

  3. Forbes, Cheddi, Bharrat et al are all examples of people who were in high political positions at a young age and have left tainted legacies if not failed legacies. Just goes to show that some young people should get a bit more experience/wisdom before getting certain positions. It was the same Bond who posted on Facebook that the PNC was alive and well and was hinting that it wasn’t really the coalition that won the election but rather the PNC. That was a clear sign that Bond is out of touch with reality and doesn’t understand that Guyanese want to move away from the politics of the PNC and PPP towards a unity policy.

  4. He may have “worked hard”, but he sure wasn’t smart along the way. Mr. Bond’s behavior wasn’t befitting of a Member of Parliament, and he did not demonstrate sound judgment (re: conducting his own exit poll and posting results; and calling the AFC an uneducated party). I think he would have been a liability for the new administration and kudos to President for having the foresight to recognize that. However, I think he has a lot of potential and should stay out of the press for a while and commit to a cause through service, not self-promotion.

  5. You need to learn to walk before you can run…The older, wiser more experienced politicians are what is needed at to get to grips with the mess the previous administration has left and with all due respect you have not attained this as yet.
    Best to work hard and gain the experience needed and then, only then you will be noticed and maybe invited on the first rung of the ladder…

  6. That’s a very good move for mr.president to leave him out of parliament…he did not make no contribution in the 10 parliament

  7. Serves him right. Too arrogant, thinks he’s so smart. Take the time and improve your communication skills and expand your vocab, James.

  8. Bond needs to mature some more. As a politician, he should not have published a fake exit pole on election day, let someone else do it. I think that was quite immature on his part. I suppose one could call it youthful exuberance. I told a friend of mine that his goose was cooked, and I was right.

  9. Mr.Bond has the ability and should have be an easy selection ,he could have been considered for the Mayor of Georgetown .

  10. So good to see the young people speaking up to represent their peers in society. That is the only way they will be able to influence and communicate effectively to each other and hence curb any of untoward behaviours that may jeopardize their future.

  11. just cool james you worked hard i trust you respect the wisdom of the elder, you are young and intelligent, with a bright future everyone see you talent, jus cool

  12. There should be an amendment to the Constitution to allow for certain duly elected members of Parliament to represent the interest of key constituencies. Our current system does not afford any objectivity and independence between the Executive and Legislative branches, and is a hold-over from the British system. Can’t imagine having Ministers moonlight as legislators is in the best interest of the country.

    I am not advocating on any of these guys behalf, but at least it would have provide that age 18-35 demographic an avenue to select representatives in the Legislative.


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