APNU/AFC Govt has been “sponging off the billions” left in the treasury by PPP – Rohee


“The APNU+AFC coalition continues to administer Guyana without a clear-cut or even the vaguest of an economic plan and social model that is people-centered and aimed at improving the welfare and the livelihood of the Guyanese working people,” says General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee.

PPP/C General Secretary, Clement Rohee
PPP/C General Secretary, Clement Rohee

According to him, the government has been “sponging off the billions” left in the National Treasury by the former Administration, as well as the achievements of the PPP/C in almost every area of social and economic life.

During a press conference today at the Party’s Freedom House Headquarters, Rohee declared that from the inception, the APNU+AFC coalition Administration has been “knocking from pillar to post” in an aimless attempt to find an appropriate development model to build on what the PPP/C left behind.

This is in relation to the advancement of the socio-economic development for Guyana which the government of the day has so far failed ignominiously to do, he posited.

“In the meanwhile, the persistent corruption scandals rocking the Granger Administration has resulted in growing disillusionment and dissatisfaction on the part of its own supporters in particular and the Guyanese people in general. In contrast, the socio-economic  model based on the programmes and policies of the PPP/C served to sustain persistent growth rates resulting in consistent improvement in the lives of the Guyanese working people in general but more particularly, for single parents, pensioners, young Amerindians and workers in general,” the PPP General Secretary stated.

He noted that the APNU+AFC Administration for its part, rather than focusing on economic and social development to benefit the Guyanese working people, has resorted to “stealing votes at both the General and Regional as well as the Local Government Elections, beautification, celebratory and alternative capital projects” in an effort to show that it is “different” from the PPP/C as if such projects matter.

According to Rohee, since the APNU+AFC government is in office all that it has managed to do effectively is “snatch” votes from the electorate, award itself monstrous salary increases, display racial and political discrimination, become involved in corruption scandals, participate in victimisation and execute persistent witch-hunting of persons who do not please this government either politically or ethnically.

“The Granger coalition Administration must cease masquerading and trying to fool the Guyanese people into believing that better will come. The fact of the matter is there are no signs that the path being pursued by the APNU+AFC will lead to any improvement in the lives of the Guyanese people.”





  1. can you just sit back and let GOD work it purpose in guyana we are moving in the right direction

  2. AS for the PUPPETS,they will always lose their way.It is unfortunate,that they cannot and will not,think for themselves.Just keep repeating the MOUTHINGS of their MASTERS.

  3. It takes a thief to know one since that was what the PPP and Jadeo and his cronies including that criminal Clement Rohee who Pillaged and Destroy my Beloved Guyana for 23 years with Greed and Racist Incompetence.

  4. After the BIG BASH drunk up and f,,….up the fools will re introduced ERP,economic recovery punishment, GT going nice,,Sad state.

  5. APNU/AFC Govt has been “sponging off the billions” left in the treasury by PPP – Rohee…
    The installed puppet inauguration flag raising the arches the big clean up of g/town cost loads of dough..awww and the trips for prime moocher lol

  6. Spending will continue until the treasury is totally emptied. Guyanese will once again experienced that horrific pre 1992 era (known as Burnham era). This Defacto government will continue to lead us into misery. It’s a bunch of headless egotistic men who only wants power. At the end of the day all Guyanese will suffer.


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