APNU+AFC dismisses PPP/C claims; says Region 2 activist threatened, abused


APNU AFC[www.inewsguyana.com] – The squabble between Guyana’s two major political parties continue with the APNU+AFC now accusing the ruling Party of threatening and abusing one of its activists in Region 2.

A press statement from the Opposition Coalition noted that a police report was filed following the alleged threat, verbal abuse and intimidation of its activist by a senior PPP official on the Essequibo Coast in the Anna Regina area.

“APNU+AFC will provide full details, including names subsequently,” the statement noted, adding “This is the latest in a long line of APNU+AFC officials being harassed, abused, bullied, intimidated and threatened by the desperate PPP/C regime.”

Meanwhile, the Coalition also dismissed the claims made by PPP/C officials that there is a centrally organized plan to harass the PPP/C activists.

“There is no such plan and the APNU+AFC call on the Guyanese people to judge the tone and temperature of the two political campaigns. The PPP/C is clearly propagating messages of division and hate and while APNU+AFC’s campaign is based on national unity, inclusion and harmony.”

According to the coalition, in the face of the “cowardly acts of intimidation and aggression by the PPP/C,” the APNU+AFC continue to call for calm and restraint of its supporters “as victory is assured.”



  1. ‘as victory is assured’

    Which bully would say something like this and be so bold?
    Well when Forbes Burnham asked me for my vote, I said ‘NO, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU’.
    The Despot replied ‘YOU ALREADY VOTED FOR ME’.

    So now I understand why Mr Granger will make such an outrageous statement.
    Yes, you have assured victory over a weak Moses Nagamootoo.
    Only problem Burnham the mother of all at rigging elections has long been dead. His policy maybe be alive in Mr Granger. However, Mr Granger has not ascended to the KABAKA platform as yet.


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