APNU wants national environmental strategy


The APNU is calling on the government to promulgate a comprehensive, national environment strategy. At the party’s weekly press conference, it was noted that such a strategy is needed to protect the population from hazards, to preserve the environment from further degradation, and to create a sustainable green economy in the shortest time possible.

APNU Leader, David Granger stated that Guyana’s biggest problems are those of air and water pollution, deforestation, coastal zone conservation, flooding, marine litter, public health, solid waste management and damage to rivers and forests by poorly regulated mining and logging practices.

He told reporters that while Guyana’s low carbon development strategy is necessary, it is not sufficient since its implementation has been impaired by faulty consultations in the various communities.

“Air pollution is a serious health hazard. Residents living close to rice mills and saw mills, affected by dust have complained of respiratory illnesses. Residents of the West Bank of Demerara in the mining town of Linden endured decades of dust pollution,” Granger told the news conference.

He explained that coastal zone management received only “patchy attention” as part of the government’s low carbon development strategy.

In relation to deforestation, Granger said that this has been the most visible consequence of ‘gold rush’ in the hinterland. He stated that the sudden expansion of the mining sector spawned a new class of persons with little mining experience and foreigners with little concern for the country’s long – term development.

Granger also dealt with the issues of marine litter, public health and solid waste management.



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