ANUG reiterates Lowenfield should be fired

Chairman of A New and United Guyana (ANUG), Timothy Jonas

Following is a press statement from A New and United Guyana (ANUG)

The Chair of GECOM continues to demonstrate a position of weakness by continuing to indulge the Chief Elections Officer in his gross professional misconduct.

Lowenfield’s willful disobedience, recalcitrant and contemptuous attitude through his submission of fraudulent numbers and failure to attend a meeting of national importance scheduled on Saturday 11th July warrants not only summary dismissal but immediate criminal investigation.

The CEO has frustrated the work of the Commission in delivering a declaration of the March 2, 2020 elections results, and has undermined the Commission’s fundamental duty of ensuring ‘impartiality, fairness and compliance’ under article 162(1)(b) of the Constitution.

ANUG once again reminds the Commission of its duty under this article, and cautions against the catastrophic consequences of breach of its duty.

Where a democratic institution is populated at its highest level of office with persons operating under the influence of partisan forces in a conspiracy to subvert the will of the people, as expressed in an election, those sacred and protected rights of the people set out in article 9, are desecrated by the very organ designed to protect it.

Article 9 enjoys the deepest level of entrenchment in the constitution and vests the right of the people to the exercise of sovereignty through their democratically elected representatives. Guyana’s democracy has returned to a most tenuous state as in the days of rigged elections. We call on the Chair of GECOM to end this now, to dismiss the ignoble CEO and get on with the business of GECOM within its constitutional mandate.