Another elderly couple beaten, robbed in Berbice


crime[] – Detectives in ‘B’ Division are hunting for a gang of three bandits, who beat and robbed an elderly couple on Thursday, October 29, 2015.

According to a police report, the men were masked and were armed with a cutlass and pieces of wood. They robbed and injured Daljit Balraj, 64 years and his wife Bidiawatee Balraj, 59 years, of Aldephi, Canje Village, Berbice, of a quantity of gold jewellery and cash.

The incident occurred at approximately 03:00 hrs. Police investigations revealed that Daljit Balraj was awaken by a noise in his yard and he went out on his verandah to investigate, when he was confronted by the men.

The bandits tied up the elderly couple, hit them in their faces and ransacked the house before escaping with the valuables. The victims were treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital and sent away. Investigations are in progress.

iNews had reported that an elderly re-migrant couple from East Canje, Berbice suffered a devastating act of robbery on Sunday night (October 25) when a gang of five men intruded their home and demanded their valuables.

iNews understands that at around 21:00 hrs, five men broke into the lot 257 No. 2 Village home of 62 – year – old Patrick Mangar and 66 – year – old Ravina Seeberchan and carted off with a television set, cash and other items.

The incident has also left Mangar a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital, after he suffered a laceration to his head; his wife was also treated at the hospital for similar injuries and sent away.




  1. The pnc died a long time,,,its clear depending on any help from the TICKS you are living in hopelessness,,,start looking out for each other regardless. And again I say Guyanese will see what they voted for,,5 yrs don’t worry

    If overseas Guyana don’t help their families back home, Guyana would become a FAILED STATE..
    If you really want to help, depose the PNC TERROR Regime

  3. After giving your time working and developing another country and enjoying all the great life you want to run back to the place you failed to do anything for, I must back you or anyone with regards to the crime wave, its going to get WORSE. Many of you failed to take a stand on crime,you fail the call to join the armed forces,to even live as Guyanese,it’s your selfish ways catching up, Crime can be reduced if everyone does something about it,Dax you not returning to Guyana would not hurt the nation,it would be a blessing. You did nothing for the country while you were living and I hope paying your taxes and not doing like many of your comrades,food stamps,etc, people failed your own PPP by doing nothing for the foward movement of Guyana. Voting time for many of you is not to elect a working Government but to elect a nation,POLITITIONS only suck the blood of its people, this government should only be allowed to be in office for 1 only one turm if it fails to deliver, until you people vote SMART and not race nothing will change in Guyana,

  4. No way Guyana .Not coming home for vacation anymore.The country I always call home is now a nightmare.I am so so scared.Too scared.

  5. I have now lost all hopes that the crime situation will subside but on the contrary, it is completely out of control. The AFC/APNU when in opposition had all the answers to crime and criminality. They called for Robee to resign. It is now clear for all to see that this administration has no answer despite all the talk and the security experts within the cabinet.
    Ramjattan, do the honourable thing; resign gracefully. As for me and my family returning to Guyana to enjoy my retirement in the sunshine, NO WAY. Holiday in Guyana? No way. Building my house in Guyana? No way! What am I goi g to do with the plot of land that I already bought? Don’t even care if anyone squats on it.


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