Anna Regina Town Council vows to prosecute market vendors who do not wear face masks

Vending at the Anna Regina Market
Vending at the Anna Regina Market

The Anna Regina Town Council is moving to prosecute market vendors for failing to comply with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) measures requiring them to wear face masks while selling at the Anna Regina and Cotton Field Markets.

All stall holders will be given free masks, which were donated by the Essequibo Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and those stall holders who fail to wear them will be charged.

At the last statutory meeting of the Council it was noted that stall holders were not complying with instructions given to them by the Council in keeping with the prevention of the spreading of COVID-19.

This resulted in the Council moving to adopt a range of fines to force the delinquent stall holders to comply.

Mayor Rajendra Prabhulall said that the town constables tried many times to enforce the safety measures in the markets, but some stall holders were not complying. He noted most of the defaulters were the ones selling food and food-related items.