Albouystown man jailed for 3 years on drug possession charge


By Kizzy Coleman

An Albouystown man will spend the next three years of his life in prison after he was jailed today for possession of narcotics.

Errol Williams pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Williams admitted that on March 5, 2016 at Albouystown, Georgetown, he had in his possession 15 grams of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

Errol Williams
Errol Williams

The prosecution stated that the defendant was arrested in connection with a simple larceny matter when a search was carried out on his person.

Police officers found leaves, seeds and stems which were identified as cannabis in the defendant’s haversack. He was told of the offense and taken to the Ruimveldt Police Station.

When asked by Magistrate McLennan why he was in possession of the drugs, the defendant explained that the haversack did not belong to him and he “borrowed it to take clothes home.”

When asked if he would like to change his guilty plea to not guilty, the defendant refused.

He was subsequently fined $30,000 the street value of the drugs and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.


  1. Cannabis is natural herbs. They should stop jailing people for it. Jail people for cocaine, when people are caught with cannabis take it away and destroy it.


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