Airline slams “unlawful” blocking of launch in Guyana

A Guyana Airways Corporation plane

-says Govt’s legal window to object to airline name long expired

With the prospect of a legal challenge looming, authorities from the Guyana Airways Corporation Inc are questioning the government’s motive for blocking its entrance to the market…over a name.

In a statement over the weekend, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Colin Abrams, revealed that his company has so far hired 120 Guyanese and has a robust hiring programme for local youths as flight attendants.

In addition, these include Dispatchers, aircraft Engineers and Air Marshals. With the opportunities for these individuals now held up, Dr Abrams demanded answers on the recent move by the Deeds and Commercial Registry to have the company de-registered as its name coincided with the former Guyana Airways.

“Can someone please explain to me why this government is blocking their youth from starting their high paying airline jobs? The youth of Linden, Georgetown, Buxton and everywhere else in the country who have been placed in our hiring pool, cannot start working simply because the government is hung up on our name. The Government had the legal right to object within the 6 month time period after we received our corporate registration and failed to do their due diligence.”

“Fast forward two years they illegally and lawlessly unregistered my company just like that without prior notification,” Dr. Abrams complained. “ It’s similar to a priest asking the congregation if there were any objections before he pronounced the couple man and wife…. then two years later after the couple were married and had kids, revoked their marriage certificate for frivolous reasons.”

Dr Abrams questioned whether the competition feared Guyana Airways Corporation Inc, entering the market. He noted that the airline is made up of Guyanese and moreover, offers affordable rates.

“The legacy carriers do not have an AB Initio pilot program, offering our local pilots an opportunity of advancement flying heavy jets.  The legacy carriers do not have a hiring program for our local youth as flight attendants and also nothing for Aircraft Dispatches, Aircraft Engineers or Air Marshals. We do. We have so far hired 120 Guyanese citizens with more interviews and hiring to come in all of the above categories,” Dr Abrams explained.

This publication, in its quest to seek answers on the controversy, reached out to Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson and his deputy, Annette Ferguson. However, calls to the Ministers went unanswered.

When contacted on Sunday, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Director Egbert Fields distanced himself from the matter. He noted that getting the airline registered is between the registrar and

“I wait for them to submit their paper work based on if it is proven that the business is legitimate, and then I proceed. But what is happening is between the registrar and (company). When they sort out the matter, then I proceed after,” he related, declining to comment further.

The Airline, two weeks ago held an open day where it was announced that operations are expected to commence in October with several Caribbean Destinations and ultimately, the United States of America.



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