After one month…Govt still to release Rodney report


The David Granger-led A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition Government has again come under pressure to release the report produced by the three-member International Commission of Inquiry (CoI) which completed probing the June 1980 assassination of world renowned Guyanese political scholar and historian, Dr Walter Rodney.

Dr Walter Rodney
Dr Walter Rodney

The CoI submitted its final report to the government more than a month ago and subsequently, President Granger promised that cabinet would study it after which it will be made public.

However, in spite of public pressure, the report has still not been officially released, but a copy was leaked to the media, which showed the Dr Rodney’s assassination was pinned to the People’s National Congress (now People’s National Congress Reform).

Visibly frustrated at Government’s reluctance to make the document public, the Justice for Walter Rodney Committee (JWRC) in a statement yesterday again called for the immediate release of the report.

The group said any further delay in the release of the report will only open its contents to misinformed speculation as represented by letters and comments appearing in the press.

The International Panel which probed Rodney's death
The International Panel which probed Rodney’s death

“The circumstances of the politics of the unnatural death of Dr Rodney, and the politics of the decisions surrounding the holding of the inquiry should not cloud the good name of the Office of the President”, the committee said.

It added that the Commission was a presidential one and therefore the Presidency must fulfill the associating constitutional, moral and public responsibilities.


  1. This Coalition government has intelligent individuals who will not allow a FLAWED and BIASED report to be exposed to this Nation.Why did former Crime Chief `Skip`Roberts`not allowed to testify before the Commission,after the said Commission brought him from outside of this country,set him up at a local Hotel and having him spend more than ten days without him saying a word to the Commission.Cheltenham probably was recruited from TEXAS,where they have a problem with the LAW.

  2. This is not Russia anymore,this is Guyana where a Coalition government,for the short time in office,has done,and continues to do a FANTASTIC JOB.The CORRUPT Practices that took place on the previous government`s tour of duty,are coming to the fore,and are being exposed for what they are.I believe,sooner than later serious consequences will be the rule of the day.As for the PUPPETS who cannot and will not think for themselves will get a RUDE AWAKENING.

  3. We are not behind the clouds . We can see vividly what this administration is doing. Hiding crucial facts and evidence from our people is not going to help them anyway .
    Local gov election lost is a living example. No mention of the results from granger.
    Walter Rodney murder report many excuses in defence of his very own .

  4. The COI of Rodney`s death has always been a biased one,no doubt about that.Cheltanham has always been the chief BOTTLE WASHER.Many were denied the right to testify,like `Skip` Roberts and others who are alive.and should have been given the opportunity to have their say.A showpiece of masquerading,a political CHARADE.

  5. After one month…Govt still to release Rodney report.
    You must be advised that PNC top people in parliament are very slow readers so they must take lots of time to understand what is it they are reading.
    They are not very bright people but they are the most barefaced bullies.
    Picture if PPP were doing something like this… guyana would be in flames.

  6. Anything that will paint Granger and the PNC in a bad light won’t be released… Still waiting on the LGE results… Granger kneeling in church is a fraud to the real devil that he is… This man/administration cannot be trusted to watch eggs hatched much less run a country…


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