AFC pays homage to African ancestors on Emancipation Day


On the occasion of the 175th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery, the Alliance For Change (AFC) pays homage to the African ancestors who were forced to journey to this foreign land; many dying along the way, and their struggle for freedom.

In their emancipation message to the Guyanese people, the AFC stated that the history of Guyana and indeed of the Caribbean could not be written without recall of the greatest evil ever unleashed on mankind; that of slavery.

“Likewise, who we are as a people cannot be defined if we fail to acknowledge the fortitude of our African ancestors, which saw them through the harsh reality of slavery and the struggle for freedom.”

The political party urged Guyanese to learn from these examples.

“All Guyanese, regardless of race or colour can learn from the examples of our African ancestors. Under the most severe of conditions they pooled their meager earnings to purchase plots of land. Today, we can do well to imitate this lesson of unity and of resolve and the many other lessons they taught us through their courage and endurance.”

The AFC reminded that as everyone celebrates their freedom, they must remember that it was bought with tears, sweat and blood.



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