A/C, space concerns force postponement of Ramotar & Harper discussion


By Jomo Paul

DSCN9687[www.inewsguyana.com] – A question and answer forum planned this evening between members of Civil Society and the President Donald Ramotar coupled with the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has been postponed.

Head of the Guyana Women’s Roundtable (GWR) Dawn Stewart confirmed that the event was postponed but could not provide iNews with a possible date when the event is scheduled to be hosted.

It was explained that the postponement was due to some technical issues with respect to adequate space and air conditioning being unavailable at the facility.

“I did annotate that the issue forum was rescheduled due to some unforeseen circumstances, The size of the theater or the events of Monday’s slightly warm room did not play a role, yes we did have full attendance but it did not play into the rescheduling or the events on Monday,” Stewart told iNews.

Stewart was adamant that a new date and venue for the event would be announced in the very near future with the view of keeping the participants comfortable.

“It will happen,” she affirmed.

The other leg of the discussion which included APNU/AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger and Kathy Hughes was successfully held on Monday April 13 with several pertinent issues being ventilated.




  1. Fact: Anil Nandalall want his uncle “nack” the female reporter who reported on the vehicle scam. NO ACTION TAKEN
    Fact: Jagdeo signed secret contract for CJIA expansion with China Harbour just before leaving office.
    Fact: Jagdeo presented his friends and family with TV and radio licences just before leaving office.

  2. I want Granger to tell us why the PNC has sideline Sharma Solomon. Why they didn’t put so many of their youths on the list. Especially Vanessa Kissoon.

  3. trence..put your proof here bingo i chage me name to red pronto..proof is there pnc rigged election to remain in power with the blessings of a b c countries..trence..they even admit to that..

  4. ow Green, change your name to red. You come clean about that 6.7million you stole from NDIA and thenyou can talk about Mr Granger. They hiding from the youths……….SHAMEFUL

  5. Good point Green.

    Let’s remind readers of this publication and other media operatives that there is a silent majority in Guyana. On Election Day they will cast their votes in favour of the incumbent party.

    To the APNU+AFC=PNC stop informing your supporters that you will form the next Government. You are sending the wrong message since the Elections are weeks away. Don’t be so confident as you will be disappointed.

  6. Who are the members civil society and why they did not ask Mr. Granger about matters related to guns missing from the army etc. It is a one sided affair and I am of the opinion that the PPP should not take part.

  7. yall in guyana are too americanized and vulcanized..anyone who asking the questions..with they ask dangerous granger when will he apologize to the silent majority guyanese for pnc past atrocities..not one from the meid got the guts to push pnc to the brink…but if was ppp…they would blow up mountains to get answers..


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