A dream come true for NGSA top performer Deja Datt

Deja Datt
Deja Datt

By: Amar Persaud

Tying at second place at this year’s NGSA were Deja Datt and Paris Timmerman with 523 marks.

Deja, who attended the New Guyana School and earned a spot at Queen’s College, admitted that she was not expecting to do this well and feels lucky to be among the country’s top performers.

“I was shocked I started crying in my seat, I’m really happy. I must say it wasn’t only me working and I must give thanks to God for there are number of things that could have gone wrong and he prevented all of it…I’d also like to thank my mother, she has spent countless nights with me studying…I’d like to thank everyone else who cheered me on,” the young lady expressed.

Speaking with journalists, Deja explained that it was always her dream to be in the NGSA’s Top Ten.

“I actually started (studying) from since last year, as it has always been my dream to be in the Top Ten, whether just for the region or for the entire nation, just to experience this today and realise how far I’ve come, it has really been a big stepping stone in my life and I couldn’t be happier,” she said.

Deja also noted that she has not decided on what occupation she wants to pursue but she indicated that her goal is to continue to work hard in secondary school.

She also provided an inspiring message to the upcoming batch of NGSA students.

“For the children who are writing NGSA next year, it comes with a lot of struggles, sacrifice and even tears. You do have to put in hard work and effort, and you will get great rewards,” Deja expressed.