84 killed in road accidents for 2020


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) revealed on Monday that 84 persons have lost their lives in 80 accidents which took place between January and July 2020.

Of those persons, 37 were involved in motorcycle accidents.

Quite often, motorcyclists would ride in a dangerous manner, swerving between vehicles and lanes without observing the traffic regulations.

It is reported that the majority of the riders are young men who would ride alarmingly fast without wearing helmets and other protective gear.

The GPF has been complicit in encouraging that type of behaviour, since most of the time, Traffic Officers would practically ignore motorcyclists without the proper gear and focus their time on vehicles with tint.

Another major contributing factors to the high accident rates in Guyana is drinking and driving. Ironically, a majority of the accidents have occurred during the curfew imposed to curb COVID-19 when most people are supposed to be at home.