7-year-old girl missing, feared dead following swimming outing

Confirmed dead: Jayleena Titus

A 7-year-old girl is feared dead following an incident on Saturday afternoon which resulted in her being swept into Atlantic Ocean behind the Guyana Marriott Hotel.

Feared dead: Jayleena Titus

Missing is Jayleena Titus of Lot 29 Second Street, Alberttown, Georgetown.

According to Titus’ mother, Onecia Henry, 38, on the day in question, the young child left home with her father, Richard Titus, 38, her 10-year-old brother and her 8-year-old cousin to visit the location, as was frequent.

Henry told INews that according to her 10-year-old son, the three children were playing close to the water behind the Hotel, while his father was some distance away.

The young boy recalled that he continuously warned his sister and cousin against going closer to the water. However, he found himself having to run after his younger sister numerous times as she kept disregarding his warnings.

The tearful mother said that her son told her that at around 17:00hrs, as he and his cousin were playing, he noticed that Jayleena was not around. After scanning the area for several minutes, the young child recounted seeing his sister being swept away by the strong water currents.

“He tell me how he run in the water and try fuh grab she hand but the waves deh too strong. Then he seh he shout fuh he cousin and told him to ‘call daddy! Call daddy! Look the wave gone with Jayleena!’” the distraught mother of four said to this online publication.

It was further relayed that upon arriving, the father jumped into the water in an attempt to save his youngest child. However, this proved futile.

The matter was reported at the Alberttown Police Station, then at the Brickdam Police Station and a search for Jayleena Titus was launched.

Anyone with information leading to the missing child is asked to contact the nearest police station or her mother on 667-8860.



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