6-year-old Pomeroon student reportedly drowns in river near school


A 6-year-old boy is suspected to have drowned in front of his school at Abrams Creek, Upper Pomeroon on Tuesday morning at about 11:45hrs.

Dead is Ramesh Khan, a grade one student of Abrams Creek Primary School and of Abrams Creek, Upper Pomeroon river.

According to information received,  Khan’s school is located on the right bank of the Pomeroon River. In front of the educational facility, about four feet away, is the entrance attached to a well fenced compound.

INews was told that a short distance away from the entrance gate is a “wooden landing” which leads to the Pomeroon river, about 40 feet away.

This online publication was informed by investigators that according to a grade two student, she and Khan were playing during lunch hours. A short while later, the 6-year-old lad reportedly told his playmate that he was going to wash his feet in the river.

The grade two student said that after a while, and Khan had not returned, she decided to look around for him and it was then that she saw her friend almost submerged in the river with his two hands up in the air, beckoning for “help”.

She recalled screaming for her teachers, who were in the upper flat of the school having lunch.

Three teachers reportedly ran to the wooden landing, but Khan was no where to be seen.

As such, a search party gathered and two divers reportedly spent hours under the water looking for the 6-year-old’s body.

However, he was not found.

Police say the teachers were all interrogated and their stories proved to be consistent.

Investigations are ongoing.


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