$5.4 Billion set aside for GECOM for 2020 polls


Minister of Finance Winston Jordan has announced that $5.4 Billion has been allocated in the 2019 Budget for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to hold the 2020 General and Regional Elections.

During his Budget presentation in the National Assembly this afternoon, Jordan explained that, of this amount, nearly 3 Billion will go towards preparations for the elections which are constitutionally due by August 2020.

In reference to the poor voter turnout at the most recent Local Government Elections, he said that this is an indication of the low level of confidence citizens have in the local government system, which all stakeholders should work to address.

Meanwhile, Jordan said $1 Billion in fiscal transfers has been set aside in order to support community work for local organs.

He also said that $320 million has been set aside for mass property valuations.

Budget 2019 is being presented under the theme: ’Transforming the economy, empowering people, building sustainable communities for the good life’.

This is the fifth budget of the Coalition Government since it took office in May 2015.







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