Minimum basic salary for public servants now $64,200


During his 2019 Budget presentation in the National Assembly this afternoon, Finance Minister Winston Jordan announced that the minimum basic salary for public servants has now been increased to $64,200, up from $60,000 per month.

The scaled salary increases for Government employees range from seven percent for persons making under $100,000 to 0.5 percent for persons making more than $1m.

The Minister announced that persons earning less than $100,000 a month will receive a seven per cent increase.  Those earning between $100,000 and $299,999 will get an increase of 6.5 per cent, while those in the $300,000 to $499,999 range will get a five per cent increase. Those earning between $500,000 and $699,999 a month will have their salaries increased by three per cent. Those in the $700,000 to $799,999 range will be eligible for an increase of two per cent, while those earning $800,000 to $999,999 will get one per cent in increases and those with a $1 million salary and above will get a 0.5 per cent increase.

These increases do not apply to teachers, University of Guyana employees, Government Ministers and Members of Parliament. It does, however, apply to the Disciplined Services, including the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force.

Minister Jordan also announced that the back pay for these current increases will be retroactive from January 2018 and will be paid out tax free. Teachers’ back pay will also be tax free.

Budget 2019 is being presented under the theme: ’Transforming the economy, empowering people, building sustainable communities for the good life’.

This is the fifth budget of the Coalition Government since it took office in May 2015.





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